Top 10 Ways to Get Fit in 2017

It’s the perfect time to set some goals and get that beach body to look great. Exercise, yes it is indeed a great cure for all that extra weight you want to shed but it is not essentially the only thing you need to abide by. Keeping a positive attitude towards a better physical and mental outlook towards life can save you from feeling guilty during the next festive season. Here are top 10 ways to get fit in 2016. You must follow these in order to keep yourself not just fit but a lot more happy.


1) Run for a healthier life:

Simple, easy and the best way to make yourself fit & slim is running. The parties are adding too many calories and there is no escaping the fun. But you can easily get rid of the fat and burn those sinful chocolate laden calories by running 3 days a week all year long in 2016. Sound tiring? Yes alone it can be a chore. Try for community running or get a membership to some cardio training is possible. Keeping it in your schedule and sticking with it is the major hurdle you need to cross. A pro tip: Start slow and steady, win one day at a time.

2) Yoga:

The ancient Indian way to keep yourself physically and mentally fit is yoga. Here you can easily keep charged up throughout the day by doing 30 minutes of yoga in the morning. Don’t know about Yoga? No Shame. Enroll in a beginner’s yoga class in your locality and achieve fitness with absolute comfort.

3) Take Stairs instead of Elevators:

This is the most basic and important fitness resolution you should keep. Yes climbing a flight of chair while you go into the office and come out of it must be on your priority list. This is scientifically proven to give you slow and steady change in your body’s health. Next time you are going for a meeting take the stairs.

4) Increase water intake:

Drinking water has so many health benefits. So try to limit alcohol and all the fuzzy drinks in 2016 and increase water intake and see the results yourself. Water helps you get rid of toxins from your body and also keep all the body functions smooth.

5) Dance to Get in Shape:

Zumba is the latest fitness trend and ladies who are getting bored at home can get fitness partners in their Zumba classes. The hour long class is good enough to get your heart racing and giving your body the workout it needs. Also you will never be shy about shaking a leg in the next party.

6) Cycling:

While many zen experts lay down emphasis on slowing down for a life to look at what you are doing, automobiles are getting more and more fast. In order to make a small change in 2016, get this resolution and become more fit than the last time. Yes, cycle everyday to work and burn a good number of calories and even contribute towards the health of the planet.

7) Routine Check Ups:

Do not ignore your health in 2016. Visit your doctor once in every 3 months because you are incorporating lifestyle changes i 2016 to get fit. This way you can keep a track of your cholesterol levels and keep any wrong activity in check.

8) Healthy Eating:

A balanced diet is something preached over the years. But it is better to eat more at home and make sure you eat fresh. Sleep on time and try to live a balanced lifestyle. Work and family time must be divided s that nothing lags behind.

9) Rehab:

Know someone who is struggling to get over their addiction? Be someone’s angel in 2016 and get them to a rehab center. This way you are going to transform someone who really needs it and this will build your experiences in life towards getting better.

10) Strength Training:

Want to muscle up and make a Greek god like chiseled look? Strength training is best option for you. But to get better results get a certified personal trainer who can spend time with you and understand your body properly before you start. The regime you follow must not hurt you in the long run. So follow the expert and train.


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