Best Things to Do in San Diego

If you’re looking for fun activities in San Diego, then you’ve come to the right place. San Diego is undoubtedly a hub for many tourists and visitors every year. It’s a destination with so much to offer no matter your interests, from surfing and snorkeling to sailing and whale watching. Here’s a list of San Diego things to do that will excite you whether you’re planning a family trip or just for a few days in the area.

San Diego things to do

For the kids, there are numerous San Diego family fun that kids love to do, especially around the many different theme parks that the city has to offer. Among the most popular is Balboa Park, which is a 3-mile long waterfront park with lots of walking trails, picnic areas, waterfalls and a beautiful skyline of tall buildings. A great way to spend the day would be to visit the numerous San Diego flower fields; here you’ll find varieties such as Papago, Cayo Coco, Ramona, Blossomwood, Hope Knoll and Del Monte, just to name a few. If you’re looking for a more peaceful day out, try strolling through the La Jolla Cove and Sea World at sunset, or visiting the many water parks, such as Sea World, Mission Bay or the Aquarium at Point Loma. For a taste of the wild life, you can head to the nearby San Diego Zoo or the San Diego Zoo and Wildlife Park.

Of course, one of San Diego things to do in San Diego, that everyone must do, is to tour the Old Town San Diego, which is one of the most scenic and historic areas in the whole city. Travel along the Historic streets of Old Town, which have been included in the National Register of Historic Places. Along these streets you will find narrow byways, ancient buildings and colorful streetscapes. Many of these historic byways are reminiscent of the past, when California was still a small territory and the country was home to a variety of Native Americans and other native peoples. While you’re on these historic byways, stop into one of the many wonderful little restaurants that make Old Town San Diego even more charming and interesting.

Another of San Diego things to do in San Diego, that must be done no matter where you are, is to check out the numerous fun and exciting water parks. In North San Diego, you’ll want to check out the Sea World, which features many exotic species of animals such as sharks, dolphins and whales, as well as plenty of interactive exhibits and shows. Then, for those who prefer the natural and serene beauty of a mountain hiking trail, there is the Lost Man Trail, located just east of North San Diego. Finally, if you just can’t get enough of the awesome ocean views from the top of every water park, then you may wish to try the Dolphin Journey, which allows you to float down and watch a variety of dolphin shows while riding on the backs of dolphins.

Of course, hiking and biking are also popular activities in San Diego, especially in the mountains of Northern California. Some of the more popular biking locations include State Park, which has many trails suitable for all levels of skill and physical fitness, including beginner trails for the adventurous. Another popular hiking trail is in the San Miguel National Park, which is about an hour’s drive east of San Diego proper, but still very close to the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

As you can see, San Diego offers a lot of things to do outdoors in the sun, along with some great places to relax and enjoy nature. In Pacific Beach, which is about twenty miles from downtown San Diego, there is a small city park known as Point Loma Park. If you visit this park, you will find it is very peaceful, as it is located near the seashore. At this point in the park, you will be able to marvel at the unspoiled nature of the Pacific Ocean. This park is one of the best San Diego things to do if you love both the Pacific Ocean and the great outdoors!

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