Popular San Diego Things To Do

San Diego things to do

Popular San Diego Things To Do

San Diego is a beautiful city on the Pacific ocean located in Southern California, known for its warm climate, magnificent beaches and beautiful parks. Immense Balboa Park is an important site of the famous San Diego Zoo, and a number of outdoor art galleries, museums, artist’s studios and gardens. A deep, metropolitan harbor is home to the world’s largest naval fleet, with a number of aircraft-carriers, a major museum, and a small, yet interesting, underwater park. Here are some interesting San Diego things to do.

The first point to mention is San Diego’s famous zoo. It is the biggest attraction in San Diego. It attracts millions of visitors every year and is home to many animal species. Among them are alligators, tigers, monkeys, alligators, dolphins, deer, eagles, hawks and lots more. There are also several water parks here where families can spend quality time with each other or their kids. The San Diego zoo offers different types of attractions for children, such as the Wild Animal Park and Aquarium, which has sharks, turtles, snakes, turtles, birds and lots more.

A second thing to do is sight see while being in the Pacific Ocean, near San Diego. The Point Loma Naval Base is also nearby, with a number of beautiful and exciting activities to do while staying at the various hotels here. The San Diego Zoo also offers some great marine and bird watching options at this point in the Pacific. The terminal of the San Diego airport is also located here, which makes it easy to get to different popular destinations in San Diego.

Third on our list of popular San Diego things to do. And this is by far, the most popular activity in and around San Diego. The beach is simply gorgeous and perfect for families with kids to laze around and enjoy the sun. Some of the more popular beach destinations are Miramar, Ocean Beach, Point Loma, La Jolla, Cabo San Lucas and more.

Fourth on our list of San Diego things to do. The Sea World is located in San Diego and is one of the largest water parks here. Sea World features a number of rides for people of all ages, such as jet skis, roller coasters, and more. But perhaps the most famous attraction here is the Orca, a floating whale tank. Sea World is definitely a must visit and is easily accessible from most of the major cities in San Diego.

Last but not least, we will not be including any of the above mentioned activities on our list of San Diego things to do. There are just too many amazing places to see, and even if we did include them, it would be a mistake to include the beaches and most of all the Mission Bay Park in the mix. This park is probably San Diego’s most well-known and beautiful beach along with being its oldest park. While it is highly recommended that you check out the other beaches in and around Mission Bay Park, the Mission Bay itself will easily provide you with all the rest that you need.

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