Best Italian Restaurants in San Diego, California

Little-ItalyItalian restaurants in San Diego San Diego is considered as one of the greatest restaurant hubs in the country. From hearty steaks and tacos to fresh seafood and sushi, San Diego offers you a variety of food menus that would entice your taste buds. Whether you love sweets or savory dishes, you will find some of the best tasting food here. This place is famous for drawing all types of graceful cuisines of California and at the same time will offer you world’s best cuisines types.

The best of Italian, Mexican, Japanese and the local cuisines, is a reputation for which San Diego is very much known among the food lovers. Italian cuisine has already gained much popularity in the world, for their simplicity in recipes, and versatility in flavors of food. Here in San Diego, we have some best Italian restaurants that would help you to have the experience of the great taste of Italian food. You can find Italian cuisines like delicious pasta primavera, pizzas, prosciutto and many more in these restaurants.

People just fall in love with the light salads or heavy lasagna recipes offered in the Italian restaurants. Experience San Diego’s own Little Italy, situated near downtown since the 1920’s, where you will be able to find some best Italian restaurants managed by Italians. Good thing is that the list do not stops here. Some of the featured Italian restaurants of San Diego are described below:

Buon Appetito restaurant opened 2003 in Little Italy, San Diego, a vision of a San Francisco style eatery would manifest in San Diego. The founders Salvatore and Daniela decorated the walls with local artists work and the ambiance is cozy and charming. The resturant features traditional Italian cuisine with flavors of seafood, wonderful salads, pastas and Italy’s classic dishes alongwith some great wines and fantastic location in the heart of Little Italy make this a local , tourist and visitor favorite.


They also have some great appetizers including Gamberi Buon Appetito, marinated shrimp with Tuscan lentils.

[important]Tips: Gets packed on weekends, get there early for outdoor seating (its a small place). Park on side streets on use the parking lot on Cedar/State.[/important]

Cost per person: $15-$20 plus wine/drinks

VigiluccisVigilucci’s Ristorante Coronado: You can find a very exceptional menu featuring Italian cuisines at the Vigilucci’s. Prominent Italian recipes of steaks, fresh seafood recipes, are ready to delight your taste buds at these restaurants. Situated at Orange Avenue, the restaurant is a nice spot for a family outing with elegant indoor decoration, ocean views and a dog friendly patio.

Buona Forchetta: This restaurant is situated in the historic south park neighborhood. It presents a very casual type of dining style, featuring the prominent Italian recipes and pizza. Po Pazzo Po Pazzo is located in Little Italy, and the restaurant offers a huge selection of Italian signature food. The place is also famous for the wide range of wine selections and the musical environment for the guests.

Cucina Urbana: Cucina Urbana restaurant is well known for their California style dining presentation, contemporary setting, Italian food, and wine. The menu delights the taste buds of the guests with some featured Italian recipes like Stuffed Fried Squash Blossoms, Ricotta Gnudi, Braised Black Cod and Veal Piccata. You can also have some affordable food selection like vasi, antipasti, boards, insalate, pizza, pasta, piatti and Dolce.



FNM030111_130Bencotto Italian Kitchen: The hot new Italian culinary spot that is located in the “Q” building of San Diego’s Little Italy. The place is famous for the highest quality of culinary expertise and genuine taste. The signature Pasta- A Modo Tuo, pink spicy pancetta sauce, and Ravioli Di Magro recipes from the menu come highly recommended. The intimate setting offers a savory dining experience.

Davanti Enotica, the founder of Davanti Enotica, Scott Harris and his teammate chefs made a long travel across the country from Chicago to explore the style of different chefs on delivering Italian cuisine. The outcome of this research resulted in Davanti Enotica in Little Italy. Davanti Enotica now has two establishments in San Diego. One of them is in Del Mar and the other is located in Little Italy.

You can see a variety of traditional Italian recipe in their menu like different combination of vasi, antipasti and piatti, Pecorino Sardo, Humboldt Fog, California Crottin, a huge variety of pastas and pizzas, Prosciutto di Parma, Mortadella di Bologna, Capicolla Piccante, and many more.

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