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Comic-Con Tickets are on Sale:

Pull out your nerd glasses, whip out your Super Man engraved credit card and sit by your best friend (yes, the computer) as it’s that time of year again…Comic-Con 2012. The actual event runs from July 11 to 15, 2012. However, the day has arrived for you to reserve your spot at the biggest nerd fest of them all, as San Diego Comic-Con 2012 badges finally go on sale (tomorrow!). This year there’s a new step to the streamline process for purchasing badges. Make sure you go online ahead of time to register your member ID, so you’re one step ahead of the game tonight. Badges go on sale tomorrow, Saturday, March 3 at 8am PST and it is going to be guaranteed mayhem. Comic-Con has recognized this and has put together a list of helpful hints for tomorrow’s sales, including what you can expect, reminders that you will not be guaranteed a ticket, and ways to make a purchase more likely. Check out these useful bits of information for Comic-Con here. Hopefully, this year’s registration goes better last year, which crashed Comic-Con’s site on three different occasions…yikes!


Comic-Con International: San Diego 2012 - July 12-15 (Preview Night the 11th)

BADGE TYPE Adult Junior** Military /
4-DAY WITH Preview Night $175* $87* $87*
4-DAY WITHOUT Preview Night $150* $75* $75*
SINGLE DAY Thurs – Sat $40 $20 $20
SINGLE DAY Sunday $23 $11 $11

 For more info about Comic-Con, Check out their website now!

If you aren’t lucky enough to snag a badge tomorrow, you may have another opportunity in the weeks leading up to Comic-Con as often times they will resell any badges that have been returned by May 15. Keep your eyes peeled on for more information about these tickets as they become available.  And to the rest of you…Good Luck!

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