San Diego Top Summer Attractions

The Beaches

In a city known for having perfect beach weather, pretty much all year round, you have to expect good beaches. And this is exactly what you get in San Diego. All along the coast, there are plenty of beaches, all catering to different audiences. For a college, party crowd go to Pacific Beach, for a more family fun area take the family to Coronado Beach, for a good spot to cuddle up with the honey, check out Sunset Cliffs. But a beach is a beach, and in San Diego, you can’t go wrong!


Seaport Village

The south side of San Diego’s downtown harbors a little area known as Seaport Village. Beautifully located right along the water, you will find many shops, eateries, and local performances. Although this can definitely a great day trip to enjoy a sunny day, don’t give in to the many tourist traps situated throughout the village. Grab an ice cream cone, but leave room for a good meal elsewhere. Many of the restaurants tend to be overpriced, and you will surely find better food elsewhere. But for a good atmosphere and a nice stroll, definitely check out Seaport Village.

Old Town

Take a step back into history as you enter the birthplace of California. The history and culture that remains a part of old town brings local residents and tourists alike over 25 restaurants in a mile radius all offering authentic and cultural cuisine…yes we’re talkin’ margaritas and homemade tortillas. In addition to the food and shopping, Old Town hosts many events and has nightly entertainment in many of the restaurants located here.


The San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is one of the most famous zoos in America, and for good reason. Know as the only zoo on the west coast to have Chinese Pandas, this local attractions hosts over 800 species and 4,000 animals. Prepare to get some exercise as you walk several miles throughout the scenic park located in the beautiful Balboa Park.

Sea World

San Diego’s Sea World is one of the city’s most popular outdoor attractions located just minutes from Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, and Downtown. Home to the famous black and white killer whale named Shamu who performs a show in a multimillion gallon tank, Sea World offers a variety of exhibits, shows, and a splash of fun.


Birch Aquarium

Birch Aquarium is located in La Jolla and offers a good inside activity to escape the summer sun. The aquarium is filled with interesting exhibits and home to many sea creatures that lurk in the great, mysterious ocean just next door.


This theme park is exactly what you would imagine: a land built of legos. A great day trip for the kids, this park offers an amazing collection of creations made from Lego blocks all over the place, housing an array of  rides, games, and entertainment that make for a great summer day!

Cabrillo National Monument

Named after the first European to set foot in California, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, the view from this landmark offers one of the best in San Diego, looking across the Bay and back toward downtown. Besides the great views, there’s a historic lighthouse, a visitor center, some nice tide pools down below and if you come back in the winter, good whale-watching.

Balboa Park

Beginning in 1868, Balboa Park houses stunning examples of Spanish Colonial architecture where you will find a 1,200 acre park with an outdoor concert area, fountain, the San Diego Zoo, tennis courts, an arboretum, koi and goldfish ponds, several museums including the Museum of Man, dog parks, events and festivals, and more. Yeah, there’s a lot going on here, you are guaranteed to find something to do.

Coronado Island

Take a ferry from downtown San Diego over to Coronado (only $3 each way) or drive across the Coronado Bridge…each an attraction in itself! Visit the rich getaway known as the historic Hotel Del Coronado, cruise the waterways in an Italian style gondola, relax on the white sandy beach, enjoy out of this world dining, or explore the many quaint, upscale shops.

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