1st San Diego Entrepreneur Day 2012 September 22nd 2012 Information

San Diego Entrepreneur Day 2012 

Entrepreneur Day is a county-wide outreach and entertainment event providing many of the following benefits such as: learning how to launch a startup concept and growing an existing company/business, and areas related to: customer acquisition, new product/service education, future partnerships, investor introductions, inventors, mentors, as well as other interactive and useful experiences and activities for all who attend. Other opportunities include: match making in the areas of business and customer development, product demonstrations, market research surveys, talent search, internships, resume workshops, employment interviews, companies seeking distributors, and manufacturing and suppliers, and potentially military-veteran transition opportunities.

There will be exhibitor booths and multiple interactive events and activities planned including:  “Brewlevard”, Battle of the Bands in Town™, The Fashion Style Show, DJ Collaboration, E-wards in 25 categories, Live Art & Design Show, Employment and Recruiting Opportunities, Elevator Pitch to Angel Investors, Essay Contest, CacheTown Scavenger Hunt for Prizes, Entrepreneur Guest Speakers and more.  San Diego Entrepreneur Day offers an open invitation to all vertical markets and startups to get involved to exhibit and collaborate: Tech/Internet, Food/Beverage, Bar/Restaurants, Financial/Insurance, Bio/ Medical, Sports/Lifestyle, Fashion/Design/Arts, Music/Entertainment, Automotive, Energy/Eco, Travel/Hotel, Print/Digital Media, Legal, Real Estate, Aerospace, Military/Government, Non-Profits, Personal and Professional Development Services and more.

San Diego Entrepreneur Day will inspire many people, including students, and bring confidence to those looking to take their business concepts to reality by meeting their peers. There will be potential collaboration and partnership opportunities with the event’s participating exhibitors, attendees and sponsors. The goal and formula is to proactively help launch/ignite at least 500 Entrepreneurial Concepts/Small Businesses who would employ up to 5 people or utilize contractors/vendors. 500 startups X 5 would equal 2,500 new jobs/work in all vertical markets!

[important]What: San Diego Entrepreneur Day[/important]

Where : San Diego Downtown 715 “J” Street, CA, 92101

When: Saturday, September 22 from 10am to 9pm

Price: FREE. Registration at sdentrepreneurday.com


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