Top Concert Venues in San Diego

San Diego, a worldwide famous city of California is notably the city in motion, known for the fascinating tourist sightseeing, exotic nightlife, and amazing concerts.  The city houses numerous concert venues belonging to different sizes, hence, you will get an ample selection in year round entertainment. Here, we are sharing name of a few remarkably popular concert venues of San Diego, which are eminent for organizing groundbreaking concerts. Check out the concert venues given below, and witness memorable rocking and concerts~


house-of-blues-san-diegoHouse of Blues San Diego

The concert venue located in the former Woolworth building downtown is the latest addition to the Houses of Blues Franchise, and created a BUZZ in the local concert scenes. This concert venue is conspicuous for the having coolest stages and serving scrumptious food items. House of Blues does have booking power for top acts, but you may experience downtown parking issue. Overall, the place is reputed and recognized for having the best concert sound system around. Acts love playing at House of Blues San Diego because of the great energy of the local crowd and the impressive acoustics of the building.



Humphrey’s venue is a great place for concerts, but the audiences are known to be insufferably rude. The venue boasts only 13000 seats, and offers incredible settings for its summer concert series. Its setting on the waterfront is the main killer-feature of the venue, but the seats are too tight that you will be left with no room to move. Well, if you can manage to have a boat, you can join the league of free loaders and attend the concert without paying a single penny! Kayakers and more paddle up to the water front concert venue and although you cannot see the band, you can hear them as if you were in the front row.



SDSU_Open_AirSDSU Open Air Theatre

SDSU open air theatre is situated on SDSU campus, and houses 4600-seatamphitheater with great sight lines and sound. The concert venue is often booked for big name summer tours; Madonna played here in the ‘80s, and so forth. The place has a very cool campus setting, the downside can be parking but give yourself ample time to find parking and you may even find free parking. The trolley goes right to campus so that is also an option. Insiders tip, if you head outside early enough, you can listen to the band sound checks!


Belly_Up_TavernBelly Up Tavern

Belly Up Tavern was a Quonset hut, which has been transformed into a surf bar. It is located in Solana Beach area of Northern San Diego and considered as the best place to see non-mainstream/niche/cult classic performances. Although, the sight lines are a bit difficult due to the unusual building layout of Belly Up Tavern. Still, it is a pretty cool place to hang out. The concert venue is better known for its nifty surf atmosphere that sometimes gets over crowded. The surprisingly big names that get booked by the Belly Up Tavern will keep you checking their schedule.



sleeptrain_AmphitheaterSleeptrain Amphitheater

The Sleeptrain Amphitheater (formerly the Cricket Wireless Amphitheater) is a huge amphitheater, located in Chula Vista. The place is recently re-named and is a godsend for the area. It has very gentle sight lines with room for 20,000 and offers spacious legroom. You may experience a traffic problem while reaching the place, but once you’re in, its large video screen will impress you with outstanding viewing experience. Last minute concertgoers can thoroughly enjoy cheap tickets for the lawn!


viejas-arenaViejas Arena (formerly named Cox Arena)

Viejas Arena  is also situated on the SDSU campus, and has 12,000-seat arena. The concert venue is preferred indoor arena, and its steep seat angles offer great sight lines. Big acts come to the Cox Venue including Cat Williams and The Smashing Pumpkins. The cup holders on the seat are handy and offer utmost convenience, but never park your vehicle in the nearby neighborhood area, else you’ll be ticketed. Again, the trolley goes right to campus so if you plan ahead you wont have to worry about parking or traffic.



4th_&_B4th and B

4th and B was a bank building in the past, which has been converted into a very good place to witness concerts of popular celebrities. The place has been recently renovated with 1000 seats, and the sight lines are good. Many popular names act in this concert venue, and the presence of bathroom attendants is an added advantage. The downtown parking may create a problem, but you will enjoy an intimated cocktail lounge, for sure!



Copley_Symphony_HallCopley Symphony Hall

Copley Symphony hall was a movie hall (Fox Theatre) in the past, built in 1929, and renovated and renamed in the 1980s as Symphony Hall. Although, the place barely hanging on, but it is still a great place to enjoy music shows. It boasts excellent accoutrements, acoustics and classy settings.






Sycuan_CasinoSycuan Showcase Theatre

Sycuan Showcase Theatre is a small theatre located in East County’s Sycuan Casino. Sycuan is a good place to see a concert, with a very limited seat-capacity i.e. 500 only. Apart from seeing a great concert, you can enjoy casino gaming right outside the theater and the whole building has undergone major renovations. Oh and do not forget to dine at The Wachena falls Café, it has really good food.

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