A Must-Do on Your San Diego Vacation

There are many San Diego things to do. The city is full of exciting experiences for tourists and people who live here permanently. San Diego is home to major theme parks like SeaWorld, which has four theme parks including the Wild Kingdom, Wet n Wild, and Water World among others. For those who love to swim and spend some time at the beach, you have the whole family-friendly beaches like La Jolla, Miramar, and Pacific Beach. For those who love eating out and drinking wine, then you will find the local’s gastro-pubs and fine dining.

San Diego things to do

What’s not to love about San Diego? You have the world-class zoo in San Diego, the San Diego Zoo, which has a couple of million inhabitants and more than forty species of animals to enjoy. The zoo features numerous exhibits for children, as well as interactive displays and shows. Children, teens and adults alike will find lots of things to do in and around the zoo. In addition to this, you can also visit the flower fields and botanical gardens of Point Loma to experience their natural beauty and tranquility.

There is no other place in San Diego that offers the amazing world-class aquariums to visitors. At the SeaWorld, there are two theme parks that you can visit; SeaWorld Adrenaline and Wild Kingdom. You can jump into the water and swim with sting rays, sharks, penguins, or check out the huge collection of aquatic flora and fauna in the Underwater Park. In downtown San Diego, you can check out the Seaport Village, which is filled with shops selling souvenirs from all over the world.

Downtown San Diego’s Old Town is an exciting location, which is filled with fascinating history and architecture. One of the oldest areas in San Diego, Old Town is lined with beautiful hotels, restaurants, and galleries. Besides the hotels and restaurants, you can also visit the Museum of Old Town San Diego, which is filled with different types of exhibits and historical information about the city and county of San Diego. Besides Old Town, there are a number of other San Diego things to do including stops in the coastal region of Pacific Beach, wherein you can take a walking tour around the old beaches that remain from the past.

The San Diego Natural Park is another popular place in San Diego. This location has become a favorite among tourists as this location is known for the Pacific Ocean and the famous sunset cliffs natural park. The sunset cliffs natural park is a great attraction for people of all ages. You can also visit the San Diego Zoo and Sea World during your San Diego vacation.

Besides the popular sightseeing spots and natural parks, San Diego is also known for its love of marine life. A great number of San Diego hotels are situated near the shoreline, which gives a wonderful view of different kinds of marine life. You can go for snorkeling tours at the various beach resorts. Or you can just marvel at the different species of sea lions that frequent the area. Among the most common marine creatures that can be found in the San Diego waters are the leatherback turtle, the green sea lion, the man and the wahoo.

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