Fun Things To Do In San Diego

San Diego things to do

Fun Things To Do In San Diego

Are you looking for some fun San Diego things to do? It doesn’t matter whether you are just visiting for the weekend, or a month-long vacation. You can find a great selection of fun activities in and around the city. From the ultimate surfing destination of Ocean Beach to the peaceful Coronado Island, there are many wonderful attractions around San Diego. Here are some of the best:

One of the best things to do in San Diego is to visit one of the many popular beaches. There are dozens of beaches in San Diego ranging from the remote beaches of Pacific Beach, just steps from the Gas Lamp District, to the busy, but beautiful, Coronado Island. Each of these beaches has their own character and offers different types of activities for visitors. Many people choose the popular Pacific Beach for its wide variety of water sports, while Coronado Island offers visitors an easy-access beach access to the hiking trails around the island.

No visit to San Diego would be complete without visiting the serene and luxurious Jolla Cove. The serene ocean front views of Jolla Cove have won the hearts of so many tourists. The San Diego Zoo’s Sea World also rests at Jolla Cove. While at Jolla Cove, take time to tour the amazing collection of art works on display. Some of these pieces include murals of local scenes, paintings of sea life and even an enormous replica of the ship Spanish ship captain Gill came across at the edge of San Diego’s wharf. While at Jolla Cove, stop by the Playhouse Square Theater to catch a movie showing of a favorite movie or to see live theater performance.

If you are looking for a slightly less crowded place to relax than the Jolla Cove, try the Petco Park. There is so much going on at Petco that you will never run out of things to do. For example, the Petco Park has several swimming pools that you can take advantage of during your day at the beach or on a walk around the park. For those who like to fish, the Petco Park also offers fishing boats and other amenities to help you enjoy your day fishing in the San Diego waters.

Just down the Harbor from Jolla Cove is the historic site of the Mormon battalion. The Mormon battalion was formed in the first week of October, 1908 as a response to the outbreak of the Chinese Boxer Rebellion. Thousands of Chinese were rounded up and incarcerated in what later became known as the “boxer camps.” Although the Chinese had joined with many Americans in the war effort, they did not become citizens of America until the fourteenth Amendment was passed. Today, the main site of the LDS chapel in Coronado Island is preserved as a historical site for the public to learn more about. Visitors can walk through the old Chinese fort and museum or visit the beach where the soldiers often came ashore to swim for the winter.

Finally, the most famous of the San Diego things to do is to visit the Balboa Park Zoo. The zoo is one of the most popular tourist attractions in San Diego. It was established in March, 1924 as an ornithological park dedicated to birds. The zoo has three different species of birds: Black Headed Goldfish, Black Headed Sunbird, and Bay Tortoise. There are also numerous exhibits to view including the dinosaur section, interactive penguins and the rain forest among others.

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