SoNo Trading Co.

James and Zach started SoNo Trading Company in November of 2009.

San Diego fun fact: you know all those little yellow flowers that cover the hills around the city? Those little flowers are what make one of America’s favorite burger topping…mustard. went for a hike through the mustard covered hills of San Diego County. At one point during the hike, Zach wondered off into the brush in search of the ideal vantage point from which to capture a photograph of the surrounding coastal sage scrub covered mountainside. While meandering through the wilderness he tripped on a rock and fell, hitting his head on ground.

In his delirium, looking up at the sky with the yellow mustard flowers swirling about, an idea came to him. James approached and while he extended his hand to help Zach up, Zach said, “We must make The Mustard.” And henceforth they have mastered the art of mustard making using only the finest ingredients, developing unique, layered flavors of what is colloquially known as The King’s Condiment.

Even people who don’t like mustard like this mustard. Two wonderful things come together in this thick, sweet mustard. The most popular of our mustards, we love finding new uses for this amazing concoction. Even more fun than saying the name three times fast is watching the reaction of people when they first try this mustard. The heat in this one is no joke. It’s more of a nasally, horseradish-y heat (though there is no horseradish in it!).

Tenderly dubbed “The Mustard Guys” by their loyal fans, San Diego locals James Magnatta and Zach Negin recently launched SoNo Trading Company, now offering foodies the opportunity to savor theirdelicious mustard spreads in the comfort of their own home

Best known from their days at San Diego Farmer’s Markets, the duo founded the mustard company on the ideology of knowing where your products come from and what goes into them. You won’t find any stabilizers, preservatives or “natural flavors” in any of their creations. Magnatta and Negin have painstakingly searched for ingredients that are up to their high standards for flavor and source

Our mustard making idea was initially inspired while hiking the mustard covered hills of San Diego County, so it’s only fitting that this venture launches with the support of our San Diego peers,” says Magnatta

SoNo Trading Co. takes pride in using quality ingredients to create unique taste-bud experiences that satisfy both sweet and spicy mustard lovers. Popular flavors include Cilantro Lime, Deli Style, Chipotle Honey, Whole Grain, Sesame Ginger, Rosemary Sage Thyme, Champagne Garlic, and Hong Kong Habanero. With the launch of the company, the mustard men have given epicurious gourmands the chance to purchase their two most popular flavors, Champagne Garlic and Hong Kong Habanero. Thick and garlicky, The Champagne Garlic mustard is the perfect pairing for sandwiches and grilled burgers, and also serves as an excellent summertime salad dressing. If you’re looking for something with a little kick, the Hong Kong Habanero is not for the faint of heart. The seriously spicy concoction packs a strong heat punch and is the perfect complement to a steak sandwich, stir-fry or cheese plate

Freshen up your everyday dining routine and add a little flavor to your meal this summer by purchasing a jar of SoNo Trading Company’s palatable mustards. For more information about the SoNo Trading Company and how to pre-order, please visit

Want to sneak a taste? While you’re waiting for your pre-ordered product to arrive, join SoNo Trading Company at their tasting party at Station Tavern in South Park on Friday, May 20 from 8pm until close. Attendees will have the opportunity to sample the mustard straight up, on one of the food specials featuring the mustard, or in a pairing with one of Station’s flavorful and juicy burgers

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