Things to Do in San Diego

Are you looking for some San Diego things to do? If you are visiting the sunny state of California, then the most obvious place to start is in San Diego. This coastal city is home to many famous landmarks, from the famed San Diego Zoo to its numerous beautiful parks and beaches. A popular deep ocean harbor is home to an enormous, active naval navy, with the USS Midway, a historic aircraft carrier, currently docked at the Port of San Diego.

San Diego things to do

Besides all the attractions of San Diego, it’s also one of the most popular among tourists, due to its fantastic beaches. The Pacific Ocean and the Bahia de Cabos are the two major sea shores of San Diego. At Pacific Beach, there’s a wonderful stretch of white sand where visitors can lay on the soft sand and enjoy the sun. The beach here is lined with beautiful white buildings housing different restaurants, hotels and shops. The Sunset Cliffs Natural Park is another popular destination, known for its scenic overlooks, outdoor activities and beautiful scenery.

For nature lovers, San Diego has a lot to offer. The San Diego Zoo is home to various types of exotic animals and birds, including the giant squirrel, sloths, sharks and turtles. Among San Diego things to do and see while in the city are the famous zoo theme parks: San Diego Zoo Premium Outlet Mall, Point Loma Zoo and the Balboa Park Zoo.

For animal lovers, San Diego also offers various popular zoos and aquariums, such as San Diego Zoo Wildlife Center, Petco Park, Sea World, San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park, Tijuana zoo, Six Flags Magic Mountain and many more. At the San Diego Zoo and Sea World you can visit the Orca Species Rescue, where you can view the different species of whales, dolphins, seals, fish, birds and reptiles. At the Wild Animal Park you can watch the four-footed mammals, such as sloths, deer, casters and squirrels. In Tijuana, you can visit the nightclubs of the area, stroll through the malls and visit the stunning Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.

San Diego’s second largest city, San Diego city has a whole list of popular things to do. Among them is Balboa Park, which is a historic park located in downtown San Diego. It boasts a lush tropical garden, a water park, hiking trails and many other attractions. Besides its beautiful scenic beauty, Balboa Park has a good number of restaurants, hotels, shopping establishments, art galleries and movie theaters.

Lastly, old town San Diego has a lot to offer tourists. It is known for its cuisine, music and art. The old buildings and cobblestone streets give it a distinctive flavor. Old town San Diego has a collection of art galleries, museums, historical places and monuments, ranging from the ancient Aztec pyramids to Mission frescoes.

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