Things to Do in San Diego, California

San Diego things to do

Things to Do in San Diego, California

There are a multitude of San Diego things to do for all ages. San Diego is truly a city on the Pacific northwest of California Known for its beaches, forests and temperate climate, this city is a great vacation destination for people from all around the world. Immense Ballymore Park is the main site of the famous San Diego Zoo, and a number of wonderful art galleries, museums, artist studios and gardens are also found here. A deep blue Pacific ocean harbor is also home to a large naval fleet, including the USS Midway, which is a historic aircraft carrier-turned museum. The SeaWorld is one of the most popular theme parks in Southern California, featuring rides on the Discovery Island, and is an excellent stop for a day filled with wonderful sea life and marine creatures.

Another wonderful attraction is the San Diego Natural Park, which is filled with a collection of wildlife species. In fact, over 60 unique animal species can be found within the boundaries of this popular location. Besides these animals, the area is also known for its unique birds, including the black-headed volkswaffen undulating bird or the silver-haired woodpecker. The sunset cliffs natural park is a popular among hikers, who can experience the beauty of hiking along the beautiful cliffs and viewing the stars at night.

Of course, with its huge number of tourists, there is always the wonderful sightseeing to take in when visiting San Diego. One of the most popular trips for the San Diego family is to visit the several major theme parks, including the Universal City theme park, the San Diego Zoo. At the San Diego Zoo you can view the various species of resident animals, as well as the numerous interactive exhibits featuring animals from around the globe. The park also offers a great variety of rides and attractions such as zip lines and roller coasters. For those who prefer the greener side of things, you should not miss a visit to the flower fields in and around San Diego.

Aside from the natural preserves and the theme parks, the city also has a lot of other activities to offer its visitors. Among the most famous ones are the San Diego Zoo’s Sea World, the San Diego Zoo’s Petting Zoo and the historic site of the Mormon battalion, which was founded in 1856. All of these can be experienced if you join one of these tours. You can even get a chance to visit the beautiful beachfront village known as Little Italy, which is located in the heart of San Diego. You will definitely have an unforgettable experience when visiting these wonderful attractions in San Diego.

There are a lot more San Diego things to do than these three mentioned above. If you are in search of more excitement and adventure, you should check out the local outdoor spots such as the San Diego Zoo and Petco Park. These two can give you a good experience without any hassle or worries about animal rights advocates. At the San Diego Zoo you can even feed animals and take photos with them, while at Petco Park you can enjoy delicious foods and take photos with your family. Both of these great establishments can truly make your day unforgettable and exciting.

The third place you should not miss when on vacation in San Diego is Balboa Park. This beautiful park is situated on a man made island in the Pacific Ocean. The main attraction of this famous park is the San Diego Zoo and the Balboa Park Bridge, which span the Panama Canal. Aside from animals, the park is also host to a collection of exotic plants and other extraordinary features. If you are a nature lover, then visiting the San Diego Zoo and the Balboa Park Bridge are absolutely must do things to do in San Diego, California.

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