Top 10 Things To Do In San Diego

San Diego things to do are many and varied. The city is a great place to vacation or relocate to and has plenty to offer both tourists and locals alike. From theme parks to shopping, you can find it all in San Diego. Here are some popular spots to check out and things to do in San Diego. All of these have something to offer everyone.

Balboa Park: If you love the ocean and the sights and sounds of it, then Balboa Park will be one of your most popular visits to this point in San Diego’s history. Balboa park is home to four national parks plus a third smaller park within the Park District itself. The park district has four main sections: Powai Park, Balboa Park North, Point Loma Park, and Heart Reef Park. In addition to its many attractions, Balboa park features beautiful gardens with flowing waters, a beach, two hotels, and three public swimming pools. Plus, if you are looking for some serious sea life, a submarine tour will definitely thrill you.

sunset cliffs natural park: Pacific Ocean breezes caress the shores of Point Loma at this San Diego natural park. The natural park also offers over a thousand different species of birds and plant life. Located near the harbor at the western edge of San Diego city, this popular beach destination is often referred to as San Diego’s own bird sanctuary. With plenty of guided tours and opportunities for strolling and picnicking during the day, this popular beach destination is often frequented by families. A sunset at the cliffs is always spectacular.

Sea World: There is nothing quite like Sea World to make a family vacation full of fun and excitement. Located in San Diego’s Gas Lamp District, this theme park offers over seventy rides for both youngsters and adults. Notable rides at Sea World include the Big Bad Wolf, Space Shuttle Enterprise, G-1: Arena, Flashback, etc. Children will especially love the water ride featuring the California King Crab. The park additionally features a very large variety of shows that educate children about the marine life and how it relates to our environment today.

Balboa Park District: This popular San Diego attraction is centered on two neighborhoods: Baypointe and Harbor Village. Baypointe is located directly across the San Diego-La Jolla Bridge while Harbor Village is on the west side of San Diego’s Pacific Ocean. Both of these neighborhoods contain a unique type of architecture with small two-story buildings that resemble small town America. Along with free things to do in San Diego, visitors can stroll through the historic park district showcasing street art and historical buildings.

Old Town San Diego: With its historic hotels and museums, Old Town San Diego adds a wonderfully distinctive touch to any visitor to this city. Several attractions within the Old Town/Chinatown area provide tourists with an excellent window into early Mexican history while shopping, dining and culture from around the world are just some of the many activities tourists can participate in. A few popular museums to visit within Old Town are The Chaldean Hotel, The Oriental Museum, Horton Plaza, Old Town Hall, Presidio Trust Building, etc.

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