A Guide to San Diego Things to Do

San Diego things to do

A Guide to San Diego Things to Do

There are many San Diego things to do. This coastal town on the Pacific Ocean is home to the world-famous San Diego Zoo and many other attractions. A vibrant downtown area features many restaurants, hotels and shops, including the historic Gas Lamp District. The area also offers some of the best nightlife in the country.

The most popular San Diego things to do. Hiking is a popular activity, and is one of the best ways to get good exercise. The two best hiking trails in the country can be found in the city: the La Jolla Coast Trail and the Balboa Park Trail. The former is only about a mile long, but can be strenuous due to its rugged terrain. The latter is about two miles, but it is less strenuous, closer to the beach, and offers views of the Pacific Ocean.

Another popular hiking trail in the San Diego area is in a state park. State parks in San Diego have many activities for the entire family. They have boating, swimming, camping, picnic spots, historical sites and so much more. Among the most popular state parks in the San Diego area are the State Park Campgrounds, near Olompali State Beach in San Diego, and at the Coronado State Reserve, near Carlsbad. Both of these parks have swimming areas, bathrooms, playgrounds and picnic tables.

The second best San Diego family fun is in the form of bird watching. There are a few different types of local birds in the area, including the Giant Whole Birds, which can be seen at the Point Loma State Park. They like to sit on the ground and look at the ocean from a great height, and some of them can even fly. A great place to find birds is at the Chumetti State Historic Park. In Chumetti you’ll find the Giant Whole Birds’ National Birdwatching Trail, which have restrooms, picnic places, observation towers and is within walking distance of the Giant hole site.

Of course one of San Diego’s best kept secrets is its great summer beaches. From Seal Beach in Southern San Diego to La Jolla Cove in Northern San Diego, there are beaches to be found that will please every member of your family. Many San Diego beaches are kid-friendly, but others are open to adults. The most popular beaches to visit are those in and around the city of San Diego.

Another of San Diego things to do is to go to the many National Parks around the coast. You’ll find several parks in San Diego, including the Wildflower Center in Point Loma, the Sea Caves in Pacific Beach, and the Coronado National Monument in Coronado, just to name a few. There’s also the Historic Gas Lamp District downtown, which is the birthplace of the famous gas lamps.

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