A Guide to San Diego Things to Do

San Diego things to do are practically limitless when one chooses to explore the vast region that encompasses the state. San Diego is a metropolitan city on the Pacific coast of California, known for its scenic beaches, beautiful parks and temperate climate. Millions flock to the city each year to take in the beauty that San Diego offers. Immensely beautiful, and home to some of the most stunning golf courses in the country, San Diego truly has something to offer everyone.

San Diego things to do

A central area of San Diego is coastal; its western part is mostly in the San Diego suburb of Pacific Beach, while its eastern end is mostly in the seaside community of La Jolla. San Diego’s peninsula is also home to a series of small islands, most notable of which are the larger of them, the San Diego ports of Embroise, Pacific Beach and Point Loma. Among the most popular sights here are the well-manicured golf courses of Mission Bay, the exclusive Torrey Pines Golf Club, and the scenic coastline of Pacific Ocean. A former penal camp, the Coronado State Prison is today a world-class national park, hosting a number of outdoor activities and events. San Diego things to do include visiting the zoo, surfing along the beach, hiking along the numerous trails, and even visiting the many duty-free shops and boutiques that line the main boulevards and streets.

Far from the peaceful beach relaxation, San Diego also offers much more active recreation options. One can easily spend a full day playing tennis at the local tennis club, taking in a round of golf at one of the many top-quality golf courses around the state park, or exploring the vast network of trails all throughout the city and its neighboring communities. Another common activity seen in San Diego, and in fact all over the country, are rock climbing. It is one of the most active outdoor sports enjoyed by outdoors enthusiasts. Rock climbing can be enjoyed indoors at indoor climbing walls, but when it comes to outdoor rock climbing, there are literally hundreds of miles of rock trails in the San Diego region. The trails are easily navigable, offer excellent routes for beginners, and are fairly inexpensive to join.

When one thinks about San Diego things to do, the first things that usually pop into one’s mind are its famous beaches. There are many popular and beautiful beaches in San Diego, most of which are within a short driving distance from downtown. Among the most popular beaches in San Diego are the Black’s Beach (which are about 20 miles from downtown), Windansea Beach (also a bit away from downtown), College Park Beach, and La Jolla Beach. Of these, Black’s Beach and Windansea Beach are probably the most well-known, but there are also many other beaches in San Diego close to popular San Diego attractions.

Seaword’s Delight: One of the most beautiful sights to behold in San Diego are the Seaword’s delight, a collection of beautiful eels resting on the sand between the rocks of Mission Bay Park. This natural wonder has become a popular tourist attraction. You can also go diving into the Sea World, where you can enjoy a wide variety of different marine species. There are also several public beaches where tourists can enjoy the beautiful sight of people swimming and surfing by.

North San Diego: This area is home to two popular theme parks, the Sea World, located in Pacific Beach, and the San Diego Zoo. The Sea World features many different water rides, including a roller coaster that can reach up to speeds of twenty miles per hour, as well as many exhibits and shows. You can also visit the San Diego Zoo for your family to experience man made animals in their natural habitat. These are some of the most popular and fun San Diego things to do, whether you are a kid looking for a thrill or a grownup wanting to see nature in its natural state.

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