Top Five San Diego Things To Do

San Diego things to do include the very best of the best beachfront attractions anywhere in the United States. San Diego is a vibrant city on the Pacific ocean, well known for its sunny, sandy beaches and temperate climate. A deep, dark navy harbor is home to many a world-class ship, including an aircraft carrier-turned museum, and a deep, multi-cultural city with an international airport, a port of call for many visitors. Besides seeing the ships, you can also view beautiful new downtown buildings and the sophisticated shopping areas along the Embarcadero. There are also many historical museums in San Diego, such as the Balboa Museum of Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the San Diego Zoo.

San Diego things to do

The most famous landmark in San Diego is the World Famous Zoo. It is located in zoo proper, near the La Jolla Cove, near the golf course at Point Loma. The zoo has a natural park consisting of dozens of different species of birds and animals, as well as interactive exhibits that bring people closer to wildlife. The zoo itself is gorgeous with trees that sparkle like gold, ponds surrounded by water, and several different types of exhibits. The whale shark exhibit is particularly notable, as you have probably witnessed one yourself, and it is worth a visit just for the view of these great creatures up close.

Another popular San Diego family fun destination is the San Diego Zoo. In addition to housing hundreds of exotic and non-exotic animals, the zoo also features numerous outdoor exhibits, a water park, and two theme parks. At the zoo you will not only see and observe various species of animals, but you will also be able to see the plants and flowers that inspired the animals in the first place. There is also the Petco Park on the north side of town, which serves as a nice spot for shopping and even a small theater. The flower fields around Point Loma are especially beautiful during the summer, and you can take a nice walk along them and get some sun.

Finally, one of the more unusual, but still popular things to do in San Diego are to go to the San Diego Zoo’s sunset cliffs natural park. Sunset Cliffs Natural Park was built in response to a need for a healthy environment for the local resident. This is a great attraction for any number of people, but the fact that it is open 24 hours means that it becomes very crowded in peak season, so plan your trip for a weekday, or even a weekend, when the crowds are much smaller. There is no charge to enter this park, and it is open daily during the summer months.

As you can see, San Diego has many different options for tourists and visitors. There are many little things to do in San Diego, which is part of what makes visiting such a joy. The historical aspect of San Diego and all of its unique locations are a must see for any tourist or visitor. The food, wine, and culture are some of the best in the world. This is why San Diego is such a great place for tourists and visitors to visit.

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