A Guide to San Diego Things to Do

San Diego things to do

A Guide to San Diego Things to Do

If you are looking for a list of San Diego things to do, you won’t have a hard time finding one. This coastal city in California is known for its beaches and warm weather. A broad green belt that runs along the coastline is home to numerous popular parks, art galleries, restaurants and gardens. A deep blue Pacific ocean is also home to a number of giant fish and other sea creatures.

The point Loma Park just north of San Diego city center is the starting point for a number of San Diego things to do. It is a popular attraction among tourists and locals alike because it offers a great variety of activities. In addition to having a popular beach, the park also offers a wonderful zoo, a wildlife sanctuary, picnic areas and several outdoor sports. It is the second largest public park in all of California, after the Great Mall in Los Angeles.

Another popular park in San Diego is Sea World. This marine-life park has been around since 1958 and was the first theme park to be built near the Pacific Ocean. A great deal of San Diego family fun takes place at this theme park. There are plenty of interactive exhibits, shows featuring a variety of animals, from sharks to dolphins. You can even go underwater and see the wonderful sights of the various marine life under the sea, including clown fish and whales.

If you love swimming and you love watching beautiful animals in the sea, then you will love the San Diego zoo’s shark tank. The zoo boasts two unique sections, the Sharks Underwater Zoo and the Touch Underwater Zoo. Both feature numerous attractions for people of all ages and include the beloved stingrays and the friendly arowanas. Other sea world attractions in San Diego include the Seapark Underwater Park, where visitors can go sailing or boating and can see the rare and amazing marine creatures that live in the waters of San Diego. There is also the Wild Kingdom Water Park, which is home to various forms of rides and games, including zip-lines and whale rides.

For beach lovers, the most popular San Diego things to do. While the beaches of San Diego are located just a few steps away from the city proper, some of the most beautiful beaches are located in the northern part of the county, near La Jolla, Palm Springs and Pacific Beach. Two of the most popular beaches to visit while in San Diego include the Wild Kingdom Beach and the Windswept Beach, each of which offers different amenities, including surfboard rentals, beach parties, snorkeling and more.

For great San Diego family fun, head out to the native habitat of the San Diego Zoo and Wildlife Park. Located right on the Pacific Ocean, the zoo is one of the most popular destinations for locals and tourists alike. Some of the local attractions include the Sea World, which is known for rides and shows like the ‘Dive’, ‘Rock band in the Sea’, ‘Karate Kid’, and the much loved Sliders, while there is also the San Diego Zoo Petting Zoo, featuring animals like the tortoise.

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