Great San Diego Family Fun For All Ages

San Diego things to do

Great San Diego Family Fun For All Ages

San Diego things to do are many and varied. From classic adventures to adrenaline-inducing sports, San Diego offers it all. The region has more to offer than just sandy beaches and tropical weather, though. With its high population (and proximity to larger urban areas like Los Angeles), the city is rife with activities that appeal to every kind of visitor.

Hiking trails: As one of the most popular San Diego things to do. Hiking is a great exercise and can be an enjoyable way to relax and get away from the stressful aspects of everyday life. There are a wide range of hiking trails in and around the city. The Pacific Ocean is home to two world-class beaches, making it a popular hiking trail. In addition to this, hiking trails can be found in mountain regions, on the edge of national parks, near waterfalls and along coastal bluffs.

Beach volleyball: While beach volleyball may seem like an extreme sport, it is quite relaxing and actually quite fun. With the help of a portable court (often provided for free by local sporting goods stores), you can create your very own beach volleyball court right on your own property. You can enjoy this sport with your friends and family, or even against other teams from around the county. This can be a great activity for those who don’t live near enough to find an actual playing field, but still want to experience the fun of playing outdoors. There are even companies that will rent you a court and even provide the net (if needed) for an extra charge.

Backpacking: One of the more popular activities to do in San Diego is backpacking. Because the city is so close to so many wonderful hiking trails, it is easy to get started on a new adventure with a little less planning. However, if you are looking for more challenging hiking trails, you can take your backpack to the northern portion of the state park, or even venture into the desert. Of course, it depends on whether or not you want to take your own water with you on your journey. Hiking is relatively easy in San Diego, although desert hiking may require a little more preparation than the usual. Most trails are wheelchair accessible, which makes the entire experience a lot easier for those with mobility problems.

Visit One of the Most Popular Attractions: One of the most popular things to do in San Diego is to visit one of its popular attractions. The hundreds of art museums around the city make it easy to find something interesting to look at. There is also plenty to do at the beach, whether you wish to relax on the beach, go surfing, or just lounge by the water. The most popular beaches to visit in San Diego include La Jolla, Sea World, and the Embarcadero. You should definitely consider a trip to the Wild Kingdom, which is located in Encinitas but well worth a trip out of town to see some of the exotic creatures of the desert.

Park it on a Bike: If you happen to be into biking, San Diego is loaded with beautiful trails for you to pedal on. Many of the bike paths have off road and rocky areas that are not meant for the walking novice but offer a great view of the beaches and mountain tops. The most popular bike trails near the beaches include Pacific Beach, Prospect Street, and the La Jolla Cove Trail, but there are a number of other trails that can be enjoyed by the walking and biking novice as well. One of the best biking experiences in San Diego can be found on Torrey Pines State Park, which has miles upon miles of rocky trails that lead down to the beach. Another great place to go mountain biking is at Great San Diego State Park, which features terrain that’s suited for biking on all kinds of surfaces, from muddy trails to scenic vistas.

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