San Diego Things to Do

San Diego things to do

San Diego Things to Do

If you are thinking of a place to have a vacation, then the best destination for you is San Diego. San Diego is a popular city in the Pacific northwest of California known mainly for its gorgeous beaches, monuments, parks and cool climate. Immensely visited by tourists, the city has been ranked as one of the top ten dream cities by the US Department of Tourism. A deep blue sea port is home to the famed San Diego Zoo, numerous art galleries, museums and gardens, and a deep harbor to an active naval navy. A wide range of cultural attractions, including the University of California, campuses of colleges and universities, art museums, golf courses and the world famous San Diego Zoo are also located here.

Another must-visit and great place to explore is Sea World. Here you can see orca whales, stingrays, sea lions, whale sharks and many more marine life. In June and July, the Park hosts a two-day Festival to celebrate the arrival of the park’s newest attraction, the San Diego Zoo’s new Orca Bear exhibits. The festival includes performances by a choir and orchestra, fireworks at dusk, fireworks in the water, a grand parade and a fireworks display over the water. This activity is accompanied by live bands and fireworks at night.

When it comes to fun and entertainment, Point Loma has plenty to offer. Known for its thrilling adventures and exciting roller coasters, the city is also known for its natural beauty and spectacular scenery. One of the most beautiful natural parks found in the whole San Diego area, Point Loma Park has some of the best scenic views in the entire San Diego area. Some of the well-loved activities include surfing, boating, hiking, bird watching, swimming, horseback riding, RV hookups and much more. A popular event is the Half Pipe, a competition that tests the skaters’ abilities on both the beach and in the water.

Not only does the Pacific Ocean lie just near the City of San Diego, but the San Diego coastal range extends east towards Los Angeles. Two of the most popular sea sport activities in the area are surfing and kayaking. At the Pacific Ocean Beach, there are numerous great surfing breaks including the famous windsurfing and kite surfing. Kayaking along the beach is also popular with families. At the San Diego’s downtown area, the best places to go kayaking are Ocean Beach Park and Windansea Beach.

For those who love the water and the outdoors, San Diego has some of the best public beaches in California. Among them are Balboa Park, Point Loma and Seaport Village. There is always something for the children at these beaches. The children can participate in dolphin watching, or they can simply enjoy the scenic surroundings. Children can also visit the Sea World in San Diego, where they can get to swim with the dolphins or watch shows at the seaworld stage.

For those who want a little less excitement while visiting the city, there are still plenty of San Diego family fun attractions to keep their minds occupied while in San Diego. The downtown area is filled with wonderful little shops that sell everything from groceries to antiques. In the Harbor and Financial District, there are wonderful little restaurants that offer Mexican delicacies to foods that you will find only in San Diego. These little delights are some of the best things to do while you are in San Diego.

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