San Diego Best Yoga Studios 2013 – Updated

Take a physical, mental, and spiritual journey. 

See what the yoga obsession is all about, you will become hooked.

San Diego Downtown Yoga

San Diego Downtown Yoga Pura Vida Gaslamp

Pura Vida Yoga Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego

Pura Vida Yoga classes are vigorous, heart-centered, and alignment-based. Come ready to work hard, feel good, and relax deeply. Pura Vida Yoga focus on teaching yoga, building community, and inspiring you to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

Why Pura Vida Yoga?

  • Warm Studio
  • 35 Yoga Classes Every Week
  • Vinyasa and Yin Yoga
  • Great Location
  • All Levels Welcome
  • Friendly Knowledgeable Teachers
  • Sign Up Online, or at the Studio

Bird Rock Yoga Pacific Beach

The intention of this studio is to gracefully & powerfully serve and support every individual’s transformation that comes into this sacred space by teaching, mentoring, communicating, sharing, and honoring the tradition of Yoga to the best of our knowledge based on the writings of Sage Patanjali who wrote about the science of Yoga. They primarily offer classes in the Vinyasa, or flowing style of Hatha yoga, which synchronizes movement with breath.

OB Namaste Yoga Center Ocean Beach

Located in the heart of Ocean Beach, you can bet your bottom dollar that the vibe at this yoga studio is ultra hippy, but super welcoming. All levels of experience are encouraged to attend and join in on the experience at Namaste. Don’t expect to find any mirrors in this studio, as they say: “it’s not about how you look; it’s about how you feel.”

La Jolla Yoga Center La Jolla

Situated in beautiful La Jolla, this Yoga Center is one of the city’s premier yoga destinations. Find a variety of different workshops and retreats, this studio is known for its passionate and enthusiastic teachers and students. Although La Jolla may sometimes be referred to as being more “uppity,” this studio is far from it, and offers a very warm environment.

Ginseng Yoga South Park

Ginseng provides a beautiful and peaceful environment to practice yoga, in whatever style you choose. The goal here is to inspire peace trough tranquility, offering an airy studio with an abundance of natural light to create the perfect setting. And to add to your yoga experience, this studio offers acupuncture and massage therapies as well.

Core Power PB Pacific Beach

Located just at the intersection of Ingraham and Garnet, the Pacific Beach yoga studio can be conveniently accessed from the 5. This location houses a large and luxurious yoga room as well as a range of amenities including changing rooms with showers and private lockers. This studio also features a full retail boutique showcasing men’s & women’s active wear and accessories for all of your yoga and lifestyle needs. For a particularly exceptional experience, schedule a class with Tiffany!

The Little Yoga Studio Downtown

Nestled in one of San Diego historical landmark buildings, El Cortez, The Little Yoga Studio is exactly what you would imagine…a charming little yoga studio! Classes vary from yoga to Vinyasa flow to Ashtanga. Yoga enthusiasts are common visitors but newbies are highly encouraged to join. Classes tend to be very intimate, often including incense, tealight candles, gongs and chanting.

Spirit of Yoga Pacific Beach

Steve Hubbard, founder of NameSteve Yoga, believes that when one starts to live yoga you can start to realize how interconnected all beings and the universe is. There is no longer he and I, there is only us and our connection to oneness. Oneness is the knowing that all beings are made of and are perfect expressions of divine energy, and he thoroughly encourages all to find this connection!

Bodacious Living Yoga Carlsbad

Yoga doesn’t always have to be so serious, and this yoga studio intends on spreading the word. The playful energy radiates at the upbeat studio in Carlsbad, infectious at this upbeat studio in Carlsbad. Providing a range of classes, getting involved in community service, and even offering retreats to Bali, Bodacious Living Yoga integrates key aspects of life giving practices to skillfully inspire the art of living.

Pilgramage Yoga Normal Heights

At Pilgrimage Yoga, they offer classes for relaxation and rejuvenation as well as more active strength-building classes, including traditional yoga classes (Hatha) and flowing classes (Vinyasa). They even offer two free weekly meditation classes, providing a healthy, natural way to deal with stress. Over 20,000 people have learned concentration, meditation and deep relaxation using their methods, so why not come in and try a class today?!


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