San Diego Big Bay July 4th Fireworks 2012 Bust – America's Finest Fireworks Fail

WOW ! San Diego Big Bay Fireworks Bust on July 4th 2012 ! San Diegans were let down by the port of San Diego organizers as it seemed a premature ignition triggered all the fireworks to explode at once.  The “Big Bay Boom” fireworks show on San Diego Bay suffered a spectacular meltdown. As per coast Guard officials it appeared that the entire battery of explosives on three of the four launch barges was launched at the same time, and they say it is possibly due to a “premature ignition.” All of this happened just before the scheduled start of the annual fireworks show at 9 p.m and the burst lasted about 15 seconds. “I’ve never seen so many fireworks go off at one time,” said Rich Dann, a search-and-rescue controller with the Coast Guard. “I saw what looked like a fireworks finale. It lasted a minute or two and then it was over. We thought maybe they were trying to get everyone’s attention. By 9:15 p.m. people were standing around and that was it.”

To watch the July 4th show, many people had lined the bay and some people had staked out prime viewing spots for hours. Rockets could be seen going off in the distance from other fireworks shows in Coronado and Mission Bay. Finally the anxious spectators realized that there is something wrong with the Big Bay Boom. The problem was caused either by a software glitch or a computer virus that was downloaded into the firing control system, which is what August Santore, co-owner of Garden State Fireworks had to say (Are you kidding ? a virus ?? ). “When we sent the signal to start the program four minutes and five seconds prior to the event starting, somehow it opened the circuits, and everything ignited at one time,” Santore said. “It’s the first time it’s every happened. We’ve done thousands of displays similar to this.” Garden State’s technicians are working with technicians from the company to figure out what exactly caused this problem. “We want to come up with a solution that this is 100 percent what happened,” Santore said.

Many San Diego media outlets, NBC San Diego, FOX, ABC , KUSI, San Diego Radio stations, and the UT newspaper did a great job of providing info about this too but its a SHAME that something like this would happen ! 

Hopefully the Port of San Diego can make this up to the citizens of America’s Finest City with America’s Finest Fireworks ?

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