San Diego Padres Baseball Opening Day Tickets 2014

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Padres Opening Day 2014 is already here and San Diego is preparing to be decked out in full regalia to cheer and support its team throughout the season. It is time to keep your heart and soul ready for bustling excitement at opening day game between Padres  & Dodgers at Petco Park stadium. You can enjoy the game as well as join in the celebrations pre- and post-game that marks the Padres baseball season. The parties, the music and the people add the extra flavor to spice things up, while San Diego’s bars and restaurants fill up with fans that munch on peanuts and holler through mouthfuls of beer.

Get Padres Tickets 2014 from Ticket Liquidator for your friends and family, colleagues and neighbors, and join the people in cheering for your home team. Make an event out of it and watch the Padres bat their way to victory. You can see yourself on the ordinary seating, or if you want more comfort, opt for Petco Park’s premium seating. The new baseball stadium offers food and drinks you can buy from stalls beyond the Padres Dug Out and behind the home plate. It also offers in-seat service at premium seating of the First Base VIP Box, Omni Hotel Premier Club and The SONY Home Plate Club San Diego. If you belong to the die-hard fan group, get a Padres Baseball Club Membership that offers flexibility is ticket options and promises Opening Day tickets and a whole lot of discounts. You get membership depending on your needs, like Social, Business, Family and Fanatic or you can opt for different levels like Blue, Gold and Platinum. You can choose whatever membership and ticket plan that suits you best.

Padres is San Diego’s major league baseball team with two National League Pennant wins. Opening Day is being celebrated at the Petco Park, in Downtown San Diego, which accommodates more than 40,000 people with a terrific view of the blue skies and the San Diego bay. Petco Park consists of six tiers and has many restaurants and bars in which you can fuel up for more energy so that you can proudly participate in the entire chest thumping and catcalls. Most of the restaurants and bars support the green initiative, and as you purchase your tickets, you not only enjoy the games, you also show your support of the environment.

Join the crowd in its gut-churning enthusiasm by adorning yourself in Padres blue and white colors, shove in fistfuls of popcorn and soak you dry throat with gulps of beer and soda, then resume your cheers for your team and boo the opposition. Get your San Diego baseball tickets now! Choose your seats from among the Upper Pavilion, the Toyota Terrace, to Field Box Infield, Right Field Lower Box seating, etc. Take pictures with grinning friends and family and the Swinging Friar, the Padres mascot to create a memory you can be proud of and show off to others.




Check out San Diego Padres schedule for May & June 2014 at Petco Park. Get your Padres tickets now!

Fri, May 2 10:10 PM
Sat, May 3 8:40 PM
Sun, May 4 4:10 PM
Mon, May 5 10:10 PM
Tue, May 6 10:10 PM
Wed, May 7 3:40 PM
Thu, May 8 10:10 PM
Fri, May 9 10:10 PM
Sat, May 10 8:40 PM
Sun, May 11 4:10 PM
Tue, May 13 7:10 PM
Wed, May 14 7:10 PM
Thu, May 15 12:35 PM
Fri, May 16 8:40 PM
Sat, May 17 8:10 PM
Sun, May 18 4:10 PM
Tue, May 20 10:10 PM
Wed, May 21 10:10 PM
Thu, May 22 10:10 PM
Fri, May 23 10:10 PM
Sat, May 24 10:10 PM
Sun, May 25 4:10 PM
Mon, May 26 8:10 PM
Tue, May 27 9:40 PM
Wed, May 28 9:40 PM
Fri, May 30 8:10 PM
Sat, May 31 2:10 PM
Sun, Jun 1 2:10 PM
Mon, Jun 2 10:10 PM
Tue, Jun 3 10:10 PM
Wed, Jun 4 6:40 PM
Fri, Jun 6 10:10 PM
Sat, Jun 7 10:10 PM
Sun, Jun 8 4:10 PM
Tue, Jun 10 7:05 PM
Wed, Jun 11 7:05 PM
Thu, Jun 12 1:05 PM
Fri, Jun 13 7:10 PM
Sat, Jun 14 4:10 PM
Sun, Jun 15 1:10 PM
Mon, Jun 16 10:10 PM
Tue, Jun 17 3:40 PM
Wed, Jun 18 10:10 PM
Thu, Jun 19 6:40 PM
Fri, Jun 20 10:10 PM
Sat, Jun 21 10:10 PM
Sun, Jun 22 4:10 PM
Mon, Jun 23 10:15 PM
Tue, Jun 24 10:15 PM
Wed, Jun 25 3:45 PM
Fri, Jun 27 10:10 PM
Sat, Jun 28 10:10 PM
Sun, Jun 29 4:10 PM
Mon, Jun 30 10:10 PM
Tue, Jul 1 10:10 PM
Wed, Jul 2 3:40 PM
Fri, Jul 4 6:40 PM
Sat, Jul 5 7:15 PM
Sun, Jul 6 4:10 PM
Mon, Jul 7 8:40 PM
Tue, Jul 8 8:40 PM
Wed, Jul 9 3:10 PM
Thu, Jul 10 10:10 PM
Fri, Jul 11 10:10 PM
Sat, Jul 12 10:10 PM
Sun, Jul 13 4:10 PM





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